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The Less Bad

In loves blessed course this impossible thing unknown valley the sick nightingale, silent. Broken beads of intention strewn eyes weary dusty road ahead The Less Bad. A moment, like all [...]

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DONDA: Kanye’s Search for Integration

Visit this post on Reclamations website: https://reclamationmagazine.com/2022/01/02/donda-kanyes-search-for-an-integrated-self/ In the full light of hindsight, seeing the past with grown conscience is a painful discovery. The only direction is tomorrow, with an offensively [...]

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Revisiting Faces by Mac Miller

Visit this piece published with Reclamation. https://reclamationmagazine.com/2021/12/15/revisiting-faces-by-mac-miller/ “Mirrors are the doors through which Death comes and goes. Look at yourself in a mirror all your life and you’ll see Death [...]

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